A Must Watch: This Video Shows The Full Power Of Microsoft Surface 2

pd December 29, 2013 0
A Must Watch: This Video Shows The Full Power Of Microsoft Surface 2


The Video will speak for itself.

We often come across comparisons of the much maligned Microsoft Surface with Apple iPad. While the Surface is designed to be a very capable tablet, it seems it is so much more than that.

The Microsoft Surface running Windows RT is much more powerful than an Apple iPad or anything running Android. When you compare the recently released Apple iPad Air and Microsoft Surface 2, we think Surface 2 offers lot more value to most of the consumers with full web browser support, USB port and kickstand built-in and more.

This video made by a fan shows some the capabilities of Surface 2

“In this video I show off my favorite features in the Microsoft Surface 2, with windows 8.1 RT. I show off voice control (windows speech recognition), multiple monitor support, and a variety of accessories via USB hub (including external hard drive, mouse, keyboard, and Xbox 360 controller integration). I show how I connect the Surface 2 to my HDTV as well as wireless casting of music and video! I also go through some other features, such as Spotify web player, and icloud web. Also kid friendly applications and multiple accounts. There’s so much stuff this thing can do, it will blow your mind away!”


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