One Step Closer to His Own Leonard Nimoy? Spock On the Big Bang Theory

pd March 4, 2012 0
sheldon - my own leonard nimoy

sheldon – my own leonard nimoy

One of the funniest moments in recent television has to be when Sheldon is given the gift of the DNA of Leonard Nimoy (see video below).

It now confirmed that the moment Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory fans alike have been waiting for is almost here, sort of.  Leonard Nimoy will reprise his legendary role as Spock in upcoming episode of the popular comedy.  Nimoy won’t be there in person, instead he will be providing the voice of a Spock action figure Sheldon thinks is talking to him during a dream episode sequence – “The Weekend Vortex”.   The episode will air Thursday, March 29 on CBS.

The only thing we might actually like to see more than Leonard Nimoy meeting Sheldon in the flesh is Patrick Stewart and William Shatner battling it out in an episode to answer the lingering question “Kirk or Picard”.

Source: By Staff – February 29, 2012

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