Guinness – St. Patricks Day Advertising

pd March 10, 2012 0

guinness – st. patricks day

To help friends get together, GUINNESS has trained a highly specialised sheepdog to round up friends and ensure they get to the pub on St Patrick’s Day.

Gareth Longrass and his border collie Roy show us how to get the blokes together at the pub where they belong this St. Patrick’s Day, for spot for Guinness.

The advertisment, from AMV BBDO London, directed by Kevin Thomas, uses the always amusing British sports announcer device to hilarious effect. Without ruining it for you, we’ll just point out that you should at least watch until the Indian restaurant part.

The Guinness campaign also includes a Facebook component that encourages fans to help set a Guinness World Record to make St. Patrick’s Day “The Friendliest Day of the Year.”

Mark it on your calendar!

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