Facebook IPO – hottest ipo offering of 2012 seems to be upon us

pd January 28, 2012 0

It seems like the wait for the Facebook IPO is almost over.  According to a Wall Street Journal Article and citing the usual unamed sources (a busy group to be sure), Facebook is set to file its IPO as early as Wednesday, seeking a valuation of between $75 billion and $100 billion.

The company is reported to be seeking to raise as much as $10 billion.  If successful, that would make Facebook’s offering the sixth largest U.S. IPO and six times larger than Google’s initial offering, which is currently the record-holding tech IPO, according to Renaissance Capital. (See chart below; click for a larger version.)

We’ve had several other posts speculating about the Facebook IPO, when it might occur and some of the expected details.  Here are a couple of the most recent – Facebook IPO – INFOGRAPHIC and Is the Facebook IPO coming soon and is it worth $100 Billion.

Previously we specualted that with a $100 billion valuation, it would make Mark Zuckerberg worth approx. $25 billion.  In that article we compared his net worth to that of Steve Jobs, who in our opinion, has a somewhat stronger resume of accomplishments (more sarcasim) than Zuckerberg.  See the full article here.


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