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pd December 24, 2011 0

File another under FFS.  An amazing tribute to his Airness or to simple Greed (we vote greed)?

The release of retro style Air Jordan shoes has sparked riots in malls across the United States.  Thousands of sneaker fans lined up, pushed and shoved their way to claim a pair of the $180 collectibles.

air jordans

air jordans spark riot

The shoes inspired a frenzied dash. There were long lines and instances of violence. In one California mall, a shopper pulled out a gun and fired a round into the air.

The violence wasn’t just there. Police in Seattle used pepper spray on shoppers who were pushing and shoving. In Georgia, shoppers were arrested over the frantic dash for shoes, according to The Journal News.

Elsewhere, mall doors were torn off hinges. Police were called to serve as backup assistance to mall security.

Nike is expected to sell $1 billion in Air Jordan merchandise in 2012.  An staggering amount considering that Jordan, as a player, hasn’t been relevent since 1998.


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