Monday Morning Brief with Ashley Esqueda – December 26, 2011 – the Failzies

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This weeks Mobile Nations Monday Morning Brief with Ashley Esqueda for December 26, 2011 brings us the latest in mobile and gadget news.  As it’s the last broadcast of 2011, Ashley includes her first annual the Failzies! Take a look at what Ashley considers to be the worst flops or problems with each of the mobile OS platforms during the past year.

ashley esquedaIn our opinion “screwed the webOS pooch so hard” describes our favourite award handed out.  Take a look at the video starting at just after the 3:00 minute mark.

This weeks broadcast includes:

  • Hard to pick out one single questionable call from RIM this year.  Ashley narrows it down to one:
    • Crackberry Failzy – No BB10 until late 2012.  Leo Apotheker earns a Failzy for basically going nuts
  • Android Central Failzy – Google TV excite then quickly disappoints adopters
  • TipB Failzy – iPhone 5: Everyone wanted it, nobody got one
  • WPcentral Failzy – Not enough phones.  Make more amazing WP7 devices.  We are going to see some amazing things from Microsoft in 2012.

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