Monday Morning Brief with Ashley Esqueda – December 19, 2011

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This weeks Mobile Nations Monday Morning Brief with Ashley Esqueda for December 19, 2011 brings us the latest in mobile and gadget news.  We’re happy to bring you this weekly broadcast to answer some of your techie questions.

The two standouts this week are the long time frame to get out the first Blackberry BB10 device from RIM and the introduction of the sleek Lumia 710 WP7 device from Nokia.

You have at least one of RIM’s shareholders seeming to be advocating for RIM to go the same route as Nokia and choose WP7 and get on with it.  Can the Crackberry addicts wait another year or willl their withdrawal symptoms be to much and force them to choose another?

ashley esqueda
ashley esqueda

This weeks broadcast includes:

  • No BB10 until Late 2012.
    • RIM officially says no BB10 until “latter part” of 2012 (OUCH)
    • waiting on chipset that will give battery life and experiene that users expect
    • Galaxy Nexus hits U.S.
    • iTunes Match goes global
    • Nokia Lumia 710 Event – WP7 phone
    • Need WebOS information?  Visit

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