NBA Lockout Over

pd November 26, 2011 0
nba lockout over

nba lockout over

It’s been a long, hard slog, hasn’t it?  Just two weeks into its “nuclear winter,” the NBA appears to be headed back to work.  Players and owners reached a tentative agreement early Saturday morning to end the NBA lockout and have a 60+ game season.  Representatives for both sides, players and owners, worked into the early morning to come up with the deal.  There are a number of items still to be worked out between the paraties.  And, once a final agreement has been drafted, it still has be be officially approved by both players and owners, but things look good according to commission David Stern. “We expect our labor relations committee to endorse this deal,” Stern said. “We expect our board of governors to endorse the deal, and we expect that a collective bargaining agreement will arise out of this deal, as well.”

Unlike the NFL lockout, which was pretty clearly the owners attempting to improve an already superior position at the expense of the worst performing union in American professional sports, the NBA lockout put a lot of fans in the odd position of having to deal with a labor dispute in which the owners had reasonable points to make.

The first games of the new season could be played on Christmas day.  More than likely with the feature game to be between last years finals participants Miami and Dallas as part of a 3 game opening day.


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