Lithium powered Tron LightCycle

pd November 6, 2011 0
Lithium powered Tron LightCycle

The movie Tron was released in 1982 and gave us our first look at the LightCycle, a crazy futuristic motorcycle made out light.   Nearly 30 years later, an all electric LightCycle modeled after the machines in Tron.

light cycleThe latest Lithium ion batteries are so small motorcycle designers can go nuts with new concepts and this is the proof.  It is the $55,000 creation of Parker Brothers Choppers and Evolve Motorcycles, a made in America startup building electric scooters.

The Parker Brothers still love their internal combustion creations, so in addition to the LightCycle, check out their big boy Green Machine, a modern spin on the old Big Wheel rival built around a Harley Davidson engine.

Check out more at the Parker Brothers Choppers Youtube channel.

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