Happy Birthday Xbox, 10 years old today

pd November 15, 2011 0

It was 10 years ago today, Nov. 15, 2011, that Microsoft released the Xbox in North America.  It was Microsoft’s first entry into the console gaming market and many didn’t give Microsoft a chance in competing with the Playstations from Sony, the Dreamcast from Sega and the GameCube from Nintendo.

xbox birthday cake

happy birthday xbox cake

Fast forward 10 years and Microsoft has sold over 81 Million Xbox consoles.  24 Million of the original Xbox consoles were sold, that was discontinued in 2006, and 57 million of the Xbox 360 consoles were been sold.

For a console that didn’t stand much of a chance, the current leader in the console market continues to distance itself from its competitors in sales, in games and in features.  Happy Birthday and well done.

Now, what about Wp7?


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