Burpee Fusion Workout from Zuzana of Bodyrock.tv

pd November 26, 2011 0

Todays post and workout from Zuzana aka charliesjames1975 of bodyrock.tv is the Burpee FusionWorkout.  It is a workout originally posted as the first workout of 2011 and it seems fitting choice as we are near the end of 2011.  One of the messages that comes with the workout is

“Don’t be one of those people who starts to train in late May. Push hard now and you will see huge changes by the time you roll out your summer wardrobe”

Why wait until the New Year, when you can get a headstart now?

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There have been a number of changes at bodyrock.tv – mainly resulting in a greatly reduced involvement of Zuzana.  There are a number of posts at bodyrock.tv from both Zuzana and Freddie talking about some of the changes going on and the new directions for the site.  In addition, new hosts and new workouts sans Zuzana are appearing.  We applaud the changes, the new workouts are fine and we look forward to the continued evolution of bodyrock.tv.  One thought though, bodyrock.tv isn’t necessarily the brand.  It is Zuzana and bodyrock.tv without her in the forefront will not be the same.

Previous workout from Zuzana and bodyrock.tv.



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