Has Apple just positioned itself to have a great 2012

pd October 5, 2011 0

Has Apple just positioned itself to have a great 2012?  As a general rule, Apple product launches seem to bounce between revolutionary and evolutionary.  In 2010 Apple released the first iPad, the iPhone 4 with it’s amazing “retina” display, Apple TV, the iPod nano with touchscreen, and the new MacBook Air.  Most of which were upgrades, some huge, over what already existed.

2011 has been all about refreshes or modest upgrades.  The iPad 2, the updated MacBook Air and the iPhone 4s.  The iPod nano got a modest software update and the Apple TV got Airplay mirroring and content. They are amongst the best products that Apple has ever made, but represent relatively modest upgrades compared to the previous year.

Steve Jobs’ influence on products to be launched in 2012 will be signifcant and the trend should continue with the year 2012 being another revolutionary one.  The third iPad with retina display, a new iPhone with 4G, near field communications and a new design and perhaps size are almost a given.  Perhaps we see a new Apple TV and ????

Product launches in 2013 will be fun to watch as it will be the first year that Tim Cook will own.

In the meantime, the eveolutionary products will sell better than ever.

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