Lion’s Den – When We Grow Up We Want to Be Like –

steffyj September 3, 2011 0
Lion’s Den – When We Grow Up We Want to Be Like –

The Lion’s Den University describes itself as “We’re like Maxim, meets CoEd Magazine, meets CollegeHumor, meets beer, meets your mom… How IS your mom by the way? I never did call her back after that seafood dinner.”.  We think it achieves that, whatever the fck that is.  It’s fun.  It covers a variety of topics.  The features, heavy on eye candy, with the right mix of original content and external references are certainly enough to revisit on a regular basis.

We like – content, variety, originality, features, personalities and personality.

The weekly features include –

Ask Amy Lynn is written by Amy Lynn Grover – Model, actor, host, personal trainer and fitness guru.  It provides great articles on fitness, yoga and nutrition related topics with a perfect amount of spectacular thrown in.  The articles seem to arrive weekly and do not disappoint.



Fitness Friday Fitness Friday seems to contain a little less substance, at least of the literary type, and a little more eye candy.  Which is ok by us.  With some of the features, there are some good interviews thrown in, but this is about the visuals!




And we like the humour in this

To wrap it up, we think this a great destination to visit regular or subscribe to and recommend it for young adults of both sexes.

This is our first post in an ongoing series of featured websites.  The purpose is to showcase and in some cases evaluate unique websites that catch our eye.  Criteria for inclusion will vary and can range from monster websites with tons of traffic to low traffic websites that are very original or serve an underserved niche.

If you have a suggestion for a website to feature or if you are a website owner or potential featued story hit us up at submissions @ (or use the contact button above).

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