Vancouver Drops In Rank Of Most Liveable Cities

steffyj August 30, 2011 0
Vancouver Drops In Rank Of Most Liveable Cities

Most liveable city Melbourne has edged out Vancouver for the title of world’s most liveable city.  If the scoring was impacted as suggested, file this under Just Plain Dumb.

According to the Economist, Vancouver suffered “a small adjustment” in its most liveable scoring because of the closure of the Malahat Highway on Vancouver Island.  As critics have pointed out, the Malahat Highway is separated by 60 kilometres and a large body of water from the city of Vancouver.

The Malahat Highway north of Victoria was closed for 22 hours in April after the crash of a fuel tanker truck.   Since 2002, Vancouver had enjoyed first-place rank in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s annual 140-city Global Liveability Survey but fell to third place this year.

Read more: Vancouver Drops In Economist Rank Of Liveable Cities Due To Highway Closure On Vancouver Island.

File this under ‘Now that is just plain dumb’.

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