Acura NSX Super Bowl Commercial with Jerry Seinfeld

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giselle bundchen

giselle bundchen

jerry seinfeld accura nsx

jerry seinfeld accura nsx

As the Super Bowl heated up yesterday and as the intential grounding debates began, sports fans from around the World sat at the edge of their seats waiting to see if Tom Brady, with the help of Giselle’s divine pleas (we believe the Lord has already blessed the heck out of Tom), or Eli Manning would lead the Patriots or Giants to victory.

Fans, many of whom watch the game as much for the ads and entertainment as the game itself, also cheered and laughed at a lighter side of the event: the Super Bowl commercials.

While many ads relied on tried and true approach of  using babes, babies and animals, one of the more original ads of the game featured Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and the Soup Nazi. The fantastically funny commercial shows the comedian who will stop at nothing to acquire the first Acura NSX.

In the commercial, the comedian is told he is the second person on the waiting list for the 2012 Acura NSX. The actor wants nothing more than to be first in line for the vehicle. He launches an extensive campaign to bribe the man who has the top spot, including everything from cash, small talk, stand-up comedy, a sock-puppet show and a cameo from the Soup Nazi. Ultimately, Seinfeld gets beat out by his very own arch enemy: Jay Leno.

Prevously we brought you news of the Acura NSX introduction here.

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